Thursday, March 10, 2005



MO.V.A.T. apparently was a group of anti-election fraud volunteers working on the election fraud of Blunt in Missouri. At least that was the initial intention as far as I can tell of the originators, who included Kathleen McKenzie, Matt Fox and Marvalene Pankey. At this site I'll examine what MOVAT was apparently intended to be, what it actually was, what happened with it (as far as I know and admittedly my knowledge and connection to these individuals is severely limited).

McKenzie was termed one of the Kerry campaigns' finest volunteers. After the fraudulent election of Nov 2 '04 she read a Matt Fox article detailing probable election fraud in her home state of Missouri and connected with him. Together they and others started organizing and eventually an adhoc group they called MOVAT (Missouri Voter's Action Team or Missouri Votescam Action Team) was "formed" in an ad hoc way.

Pankey had been a politcal candidate and built up some reputation in MO politics and seemed to have very strong opinions about how MOVAT should work and at some point from this outside observer it appeared that Pankey essentially made a power play and tried to grab exclusive control of the organization from McKenzie and the others.

Well mostly its not. I simply ran across Kathleen's postings at CommonGroundCommonSense (which now that all their URL's are altered I'll have to go see if I can find the original postings or not), and her postings naturally caught my eye since I was keenly interested in supporting any efforts to unmask Bush's election fraud and Kerry's actual (if unrealized) victory in the Nov. 2nd 2004 U.S. Presidential Election.

I posted my blog I entitled: MoVAT: "Kerry actually won Missouri." Will this hold water???
For some reason still unknown to me Pankey took enormous offense at my (perhaps hamhanded) attempts to help MOVAT publicize their efforts and then she chose to try to paint me into being some kind of bad guy. She seems to love the term "Rethuglican" and loves to call me that. I of course am nothing of the kind as my very public work vs. election fraudsters attests for. No amount of attempted reasoning (and believe you me I bent over backwards -- you'll see in the correspondance that I'll publish here) with Pankey had any impact whatsoever on her false claims regarding me.

My take on this has always been that McKenzie and Pankey were under tremendous pressure and stress to the point of feeling physically threatened by the real "Rethuglicans" and in their freaked out state they went after each other instead of the real bad guys. Others have suggested that Pankey's actions show her to be a disinformation and disruption agent possibly working for the "Rethuglicans" herself. Me? I don't know.

I'll post our e-mails exchanges here and everyone can judge for themselves the rationality and motives of this person.

Later on "John Dean" AKA Bozos for Bush connected with Pankey and bought her rantings hook line and sinker and spread them around.

So here I am to dispell these myths and set the story straight from a first person account. I was there, I know what my motivations were and I observed what I observed. Here it is, straight with no spin and y'all can judge for yourselves.